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pcd reamer sale
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pcd reamer sale
pcd reamer price
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PCD Reamer for Sale

Henan Huanghe Whirlwind is a professional PCD reamer manufacturer in China, which has over 30 years PCD reamer production experience, and we produce all types of PCD reamer for customers with specific needs.
Product Description
PCD and cubic boron nitride reamers are new tools for machining hole parts, which can make the workpieces to be machined have higher dimensional accuracy. Widely used in hydraulics, machine tools, auto parts, instruments, molds, measuring cutting tools, sewing, oil nozzles, oil pumps and other industries. It has the advantages of convenient use, long life, low cost, and workpiece interchangeability.

Advantages and Characteristics of PCD Reamer

1. PCD reamer has ultra-high hardness and wear resistance.
2. The use of PCD reamers can improve dimensional accuracy and process reliability.
3. PCD reamer has stable cutting performance and high processing efficiency.
4. It has a long tool life, which is 10 to 20 times that of ordinary carbide reamers.
The basic structure and characteristics of PCD reamer and cubic boron nitride reamer (CBN) reamer are very different from ordinary reamer. According to the material accuracy, surface roughness and equipment of the workpiece, the structure of PCD reamer should be reasonably selected. In addition, Abrasive particle size, reaming allowance and reaming method are also very important.
In machining, some precision requirements are high, and the material hardness is also very high. Small holes, deep holes, tapered holes, and blind holes are the most difficult to process. With PCD reamer, these problems can be solved. PCD reamer is mainly suitable for processing cast iron, cemented carbide, alkaline earth, alkali metal, glass, ceramics, gemstones, etc.

Standard Structure and Form of PCD Reamer
PCD reamers and CBN reamers have been developed into a relatively complete series, which are divided into five types according to different usages:
1. Fixed reamer
2. Blind hole reamer
3. Adjustable reamer
4. Fixed stepped reamer
5. Compound reamer, straight shank and taper shank
In addition, if the customer has other requirements, we can also design it separately for users.
PCD Reamer is often customized according to customer needs.
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