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diamond wire for cutting sapphire
Diamond Wire for Cutting Sapphire/Crystalline
Diamond wire is a cutting tool that is commonly used in the manufacturing industry for cutting crystalline materials such as silicon, germanium, and quartz. The wire is made of a steel core that is coated with diamond grit, providing a highly abrasive and durable cutting surface.
pcd endmill
PCD Endmill
PCD endmills are used to process workpieces of various materials, such as non-ferrous metals: aluminum, aluminum alloy, aluminum cast alloy, copper, copper alloy, zinc, zinc alloy and other materials; non-metallic materials: graphite, carbon fiber composite materials, glass fiber, new composite materials and other materials processing. PCD endmill for sale can be used to machine cast aluminum alloy engine casings.
pcd reamer sale
PCD Reamer for Sale
PCD and cubic boron nitride reamers are new tools for machining hole parts, which can make the workpieces to be machined have higher dimensional accuracy. Widely used in hydraulics, machine tools, auto parts, instruments, molds, measuring cutting tools, sewing, oil nozzles, oil pumps and other industries. It has the advantages of convenient use, long life, low cost, and workpiece interchangeability.
stone cutting machine price
Multi-function Stone Cutting Machine
Multi-function stone cutting machine is suitable for trimming and chamfering of various non-metallic brittle materials and products such as various stone, ceramic tiles, terrazzo tiles, refractory materials, flat glass etc.
diamond grinding segment
Diamond Segment
Huanghe Whirlwind produces granite, stone, concrete, marble diamond segment and gang saw segment for sale.
Forging Cubic Apparatus Hydraulic Press
diamond grding wheel price
Diamond Grinding Wheel
Diamond grinding wheels can be divided into resin bond diamond grinding wheels, ceramic-bond diamond grinding wheels, metal bond diamond grinding wheels (bronze bond diamond grinding wheels). Due to the characteristics and advantages of diamond abrasives, diamond grinding wheels become ideal tools for the grinding of hard and brittle materials such as glass, ceramics, gems, stone, and hard alloys.
PCD & PCBN Inserts
PCD inserts are suitable for the processing of Al, Mg, Cu and other non-ferrous metal materials, their alloys and non-metal materials, which has high cutting speed, high hardness, strong wear resistance and long service life.
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