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pcd endmill
PCD Endmill
PCD endmills are used to process workpieces of various materials, such as non-ferrous metals: aluminum, aluminum alloy, aluminum cast alloy, copper, copper alloy, zinc, zinc alloy and other materials; non-metallic materials: graphite, carbon fiber composite materials, glass fiber, new composite materials and other materials processing. PCD endmill for sale can be used to machine cast aluminum alloy engine casings.
pcd reamer sale
PCD Reamer for Sale
PCD and cubic boron nitride reamers are new tools for machining hole parts, which can make the workpieces to be machined have higher dimensional accuracy. Widely used in hydraulics, machine tools, auto parts, instruments, molds, measuring cutting tools, sewing, oil nozzles, oil pumps and other industries. It has the advantages of convenient use, long life, low cost, and workpiece interchangeability.