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Polycrystalline Diamond Compact
Polycrystalline Diamond Compact

PDC for Stone Processing

PDC ( Polycrystalline Diamond Composite ) are made by combining some layers of polycrystalline diamonds with a layer of cemented carbide liner at high temperature and high pressure. PDCs are among the most rigid of all diamond tool materials.
Product Description
Our in-house production capabilities mean we can fast-track production to help you overcome your challenges quickly. With a wide range of tungsten carbide and synthetic diamond grades along with extensive knowledge of the mining and construction industries –we develop bespoke solutions to help strike the perfect balance Huanghe’s PDC enhances drilling performance by providing drilling engineers with a drill bit that is reliable, durable, and performance driven.
In largescale mining and construction operations, unreliable machines and tools can have a significant impact on efficiency, increasing operational and maintenance costs.

With the right materials powering your machines and tools, you can achieve a step change in reliability and performance ensuring your equipment operates faster, for longer.Huanghe offers PDC that can help OEMs, toolmakers and their customers to enhance efficiency, performance and safety.
Type Diameter(mm) Diamond Layer(mm) Total Height(mm) Wear Resistance(×104) Impact Toughness(J)
1308Z 13.44 1.6-2.0 8.0  ≥20 ≥300
1308ZS 13.44 1.5-2.0 8.0  ≥28 ≥400
1308YY 13.44 1.8-2.0 8.0  ≥33 ≥600
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