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What Are the Types of Diamond Sawing Tools?
Round diamond saw blades are commonly used saw cutting tools. The diameter span is large, from several millimeters of sculpture to a large saw blade with a few meters diameter. The size of the block is also very different. Therefore, its processing and manufacturing methods, the quality of the diamond abrasives used, and the formation of the combined agent and the requirements are different.
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Three Characteristics and Performance Advantages of Diamond Saw Blade with Different Production Proc
Most of the stone cutting of most stone on the market is mainly divided into three middle schools: sintering, welding and electroplating. By comparing their sharpness and abrasion resistance, they can get grinding and wear-resistant.
One type of sintering saw blade is the main force in the small saw film. Most of the markets are sintering, and there are many specifications.
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What Are the Classifications of Diamond Tools?
Grinding tool
Including consolidated abrasives, abrasives and loose mills, such as sand wheels, sand tiles, polished millstones, alien grinding heads, diamond -sasal belts, fine mill pills, grinding pastes, etc.
Saw cutting tool
There are two categories: one is the circular, tape saws, row saws, rope saws, etc. for sawing corner, marble, and concrete; the other is the internal circular cutting sheet and outer circular cutting sheet of cutting metals and semiconductor materials.
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The Differences Between Diamond Grinding Wheels and Alloy Grinding Wheels
Diamond grinding wheel is a relatively unpopular product. It uses fewer industries and equipment, but for the equipment that needs it, it has to be understood.
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Notes for Using of CBN Grinding Wheel
CBN grinding wheel is based on diamond CBN abrasives. It uses metal powder, resin powder, ceramics, and electroplating as a binding agent. The grinding ability is very strong and long.
Polycrystalline Diamond Compact
The Main Features of Polycrystalline Diamond Compact
With the development trend of the use of automated machine tools such as automatic machine tools to replace the traditional manual operation method, it has higher requirements for polycrystalline diamond compact. What are the features of polycrystalline diamond compact?
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