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diamond saw blade china
Classifications and Applications of Diamond Saw Blade
According to the usage, diamond saw blade is generally divided into three categories, specific diamond saw tablets used in cutting stone, high -speed steel saw tablets of cutting metal materials, cutting solid wood, artificial plates, furniture, and plastic hard alloy saws. Let's take a look at their specific introduction.
diamond cutting tool
Basic Information of Diamond Cutting Tools
When machining graphite, the life of amorphous diamond-coated tools is 2-3 times longer than that of uncoated carbide tools. In contrast, CVD diamond is a pure diamond coating deposited by CVD process, and the tool life when machining graphite is 12-20 times that of cemented carbide tools, which can reduce the number of tool changes and improve the reliability and accuracy of machining. consistency.
Features and Processing Material of PCD&CBN Tools
In the processing of modern engineering materials, there are more requirements for the application of materials and new materials, such as higher requirements for material hardness, and superhard materials naturally have many requirements for CNC machining tools. Ordinary tools are difficult to achieve this requirement, so superhard tools came into being.
diamond grinding wheel suppliers
Introduction of Diamond Grinding Wheels Of Huanghe Whirlwind
The diamond grinding wheel produced by our company has the characteristics of high sharpness and good wear resistance. The diamond grinding wheel has high efficiency and high precision in the grinding process, and the smoothness can also improve the working conditions. It is an ideal tools for agate gemstones, semiconductor materials, stone materials, etc. Diamond grinding wheels are also used for profile machining of cemented carbide materials, metal spraying and grinding of diamond bits. Contact us for free quote now!
diamond wire saw supplier
Brief Introduction of Diamond Tools
The hard characteristics of diamond tools are especially suitable for processing hard and brittle materials, especially non-metallic materials. Common diamond tools include diamond saw blades, diamond grinding wheels, diamond drill bits, diamond wire saw rope, PCD Insert, polycrystalline diamond compact, diamond tools, etc.
Polycrystalline Diamond Compact Drill Bit
Brief Introduction of Polycrystalline Diamond Compact Drill Bit
In the drilling process, the drill bit is the main tool to break the rock, and the wellbore is formed by the drill bit breaking the rock. How well a wellbore is formed and the length of time it takes are not only related to the characteristics of the rock in the drilled formation and the performance of the drill bit itself, but also to the degree of mutual matching between the drill bit and the formation. Reasonable selection of drill bits plays an important role in increasing the drilling speed and reducing the overall cost of drilling.
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